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Olá! e Tchau Washington DC!

I had hoped to begin my first blog (or writing for it with pen and paper since I own no working laptop at the time being) sitting on the bench in front of the Potomac River in Alexandria or maybe by the lunch tables right across the street of the Library of Congress’ main building. I attempted it; I had high hopes for it. I had high hopes for the whole experience here actually, but reality played out. I like to believe things happen because they are actually meant to serve a purpose. I’m sitting here in the Reagan airport bench waiting for my flight back home. And I have the pleasure to begin my first blog here and begin it now.

Let me begin telling you about my 4-month experience interning in what some friends called it “Hollywood for nerds”. I was running on a budget of  $275/per 15 days. Yes, in WASHINGTON DC, go figure.

DESPITE hardships, my hopes for new knowledge and for “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” were all accomplished. I explored within my limited means – call me Ana la Exploradora, I grew, and I shook as many politicians’ and key political players’ hands I could literally get my hands on. I sat in congressional hearings and think tanks’ seminars, including the Woodrow Wilson Center (big fan). I also sat maybe 30 feet across Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor during an oral argument just two weeks ago. What a lady! What a Latina!I lived. Now, I am going back to my mommy on this Mother’s Day weekend with a prestigious Fulbright fellowship. Reality has indeed just began playing out.

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