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Love and Acceptance as a Warm Welcome

This past week has been eventful so far. As I sit here tonight back in Texas (not sleepy), listening to Brazilian beats, I will retell just some of the best…

I went back to College Station yesterday a brand new me (ok, a renovated me). Did I mention how much growth I did living in Washington DC against heavy odds in my last post? Well, I returned with my head held high, ready to conquer my dreams and to answer a great call as is Fulbright. The article about me along with the other two Texas A&M Aggies who were granted national awards/scholarships was published right the night before returning to my college town. This article published about us focused on the people we have to thank for in some way or another for shaping our accomplishments. When I was interviewed I was able to recall very specific events that led me to be in the place I am today. I was indulged in complete satisfaction to remember and name key people in the past and present who have been part of what makes up me. “I am part of all that I have met”- Alfred Lord Tennyson.

I spent time walking in the silent streets of a college town when everyone is on break. The wind kept me and my thoughts company. I reminisced some about my college life. I can’t believe time flies by, I graduated and onto something new!

I visited Dr. Michael Greenwald who is responsible the Guatemalan Student Association at A&M did an amazing job at acting out our first skit! The skit was of a poem of Jose Martí, named La niña de Guatemala. I was La niña de Guatemala, I am that same girl from Guatemala. This long overdue visit had a taste to it beyond sweetness.

'The First Essential Component of Social Justice is Adequate Food for All Mankind"

Then I went back to what I consider one of my sacred temples, the Borlaug Institute. This institute shelters a legacy. I could easily spend a half a lifetime learning from the people who work to keep it alive every day (the other half, taking all the lessons learned and putting them into practice). Anyway, The Norman Borlaug Institute for International Agriculture has once again opened its doors to me. I was hired to work as a full-time Graduate Technician. I will be a half time student in the Bush School of Government’s online Graduate Certificate Program until I leave for Brazil. The dearest African Programs Coordinator, Dr. Linda Cleboski,has once again given me the opportunity to work with her. Except now I will be working in all aspects of well-known projects, like SPREAD in Rwanda (even a Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars Focus piece on SPREAD!!).

It felt great being remembered there and to walk the halls and see people such as Ms. Julie Borlaug walk up and down the hall diligently. She doesn’t personally know me yet, I have never had the guts to introduce myself. But the people who do know me were so welcoming, including an exceptional woman in my life Johanna Roman, director of the Latin American programs, and a recent couple who just graduated from the Bush School of Government and Public Service. I was able to congratulate the couple on their graduation, their latest project on food security surveys in Sierra Leone, and of course being married at such a young age and making a change in the world together.

Speaking of couples, these past few days I have spent most of my time with my sweetheart. He is the most loving man I know, as well as the most hardworking. He is worthy of many honors for his courage for doing everything to live his dreams. He is a dreamer just like me. That’s a story for another day. For now all I will say (or quote)is:”Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage”- Lao Tzu.

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