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Where I come from

Yesterday I had a long phone conversation with my boyfriend. We discussed the difference in cultures, and he not only made me appreciate mine more than ever, but he also made me re-examine what the Guatemalan culture offers. I can only think of 1 big word that encapsulates it all. That is HUMILITY. What exactly humility means is really a matter of perception, as he said it. But to me humility is very simple; it means being humble, and it means caring. It just seems as if most people put themselves first and above beyond everyone in cultures like the American culture. While I agree we should do that to a great extent because we need to be okay to offer more and give more to others, we still should act with humility first and foremost, that is showing in a meaningful way every time we can how thankful we are, how much we appreciate friendship, food, family, and whatever we think is important. Always keeping in mind we can harm others when we don’t act with humility towards them.

Angela, my young aunt, sent this to me and I want to say, I love Guate deeply.

Cheers and enjoy!

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