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I’m feeling grateful for and inspired by

1. Beauty. It’s everywhere, I see it in all places in my daily Recifean life (as the mural I ran into -below-) and mainly in people. I see it through the conversations I engage in and in the actions people take, like the international protest this past Saturday (for an end of women’s violence (VADIA) and the university’s professors’ strike for better working conditions.

2. The upcoming projects, like my trip to the “sertão”- the interior of Pernambuco once again. This time I will go for field days to learn, watch, and take in the realities of small production farmers and their adversities with the drought that they face every year.

3. The possibility of being part of a social movement and address SO IMPORTANT issues like the UTMOST IMPORTANT NEEDED respect of our environment and social justice for vulnerable groups like small farmers, during the event Rio+20.

4.My upcoming personal plans of traveling in this country for “cultural immersion” purposes (which by the way yes it is personal joy traveling, but is also an IMPORTANT component of my scholarship!). I fall in love with Brazil every time I encounter and meet a new dimension of what it has to offer; it’s such a rich country.

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